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Friday, 30 May 2014

Release Blitz: Hold Me Closer by Hilary Storm


Holden Walker has put his personal life on hold to help Rebel Walking with security on tour. His ‘all work and no play’ attitude has him in trouble with some of the new female family members in his life.
Lainey Douglas couldn't pick a good man if her life depended on it. She’s been burnt one too many times and isn't thrilled at all when she's tricked into a date. Her attempt to run him off almost works—until he has to save her from danger.
What happens when Holden meets the most frustrating woman in his life? Will Lainey stop pushing him away long enough to see that he's not like all the other guys? Can she open her heart after everything she's been through?

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The Rebel Walking Series

About the Author

Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Enid, Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting and has a full time job as an accountant. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the author of the International Best Selling 'Rebel Walking' series. Book one: 'In a Heartbeat' was released June 2013, Book two: 'Heaven Sent' was released in September 2013. Book 2.5: 'Banded Together' released Jan 2014. Book 3: 'No Strings Attached' released March 2014. Book 4: 'Hold Me Closer' is due out beginning of May.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Book Blitz: The List by Felicia Lynn & Chris Bell + excerpt



Title: The List
Authors: Felicia Lynn & Chris Bell
Release Date: June 3rd
Genre: Fictional Drama & Mystery Suspense
Cover: Cover Me, Darling
Model: Matthew Todd

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In Matthews, North Carolina, where everyone knows everyone, there’s a minefield of hidden secrets and cover-ups. When Kip’s opportunity to avenge those who have been wronged approaches, he contemplates revenge. For Kip, removing the people who’ve caused harm to those he loves is a mission of service. With the time limit on Kip’s future quickly approaching, sacrifices must be made to make sure the guilty parties pay. But will his conscience get in the way? Can a man who lives life so passionately ever be a murderer? 



Most people daydream about great things, in this case, I'm dreaming about taking care of something that that has haunted me for the longest time, and I'm finally able to right a wrong and even the score. This one is for her.

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Come Join this amazing duo on Thursday, June 12th @ 9:00 EST
There will be Giveaways & We will be discussing there newest release!!!
Make sure you are following both of these Authors on Twitter & @Kikichat83
(She will be hosting/moderating this event)

About the Authors

Felicia Lynn is a transplanted Florida girl, born and raised, who lives just north of Atlanta, GA with her husband, daughter, dog and cat. She spends most of her days holed up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and her laptop, writing about the characters that live in her head. When she’s not writing you’ll find her hanging out with her family and friends! She loves reading, taking long walks, chatting with her Facebook family, and listening to music, especially live music. A self-declared lover of all things baseball, she is obsessed with every aspect of the game!!!Felicia writes contemporary romance, because love stories make people happy. Even in the midst of anguish and turmoil, true love can turn life around, and the process is beautiful. Most of Felicia's stories are based on real life experiences, which she embellishes to tell a story. She is currently working on her second novel, titled Love’s Learning Curve.

Other Books 
 INDULGE (9 Steamy Books in ONE)

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Chris Bell is a North Carolina boy through and through. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and still resides in Raleigh, NC today. He is the father of two adorable girls and an amazing husband. Chis is a professional poker player and with amazing courage has ventured into the world of writing. His suspense/mystery story, The List, will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover.When Chris is not playing in poker tournaments or writing, he is likely spending quality time with his family or watching sports with his friends. He is an avid lover of all things sports related. Chris also enjoys reading and traveling in his spare time. In the next few months he'll be starting his second novel in the series to be published late this summer.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Blitz: The Collar of Freedom by Alexandra I + 4* review + excerpt


Amelia Jones knows the truth; she lives and breathes it every day. The endless monotony of a loveless marriage, and years of domestic slavery stretch before her in minutes and hours that are destined to end in a mental breakdown. 

Then Alexander Reeves walks through the door. 

Her new boss is intriguing, charismatic and clearly driven by unspoken demons, and while Amelia knows she’s playing with fire, she’s relentlessly drawn to the man. Alexander is just as taken by her, but knows that giving into temptation can only end in disaster. When the couple succumb to a passionate, furious battle of the wills, Amelia is thrilled and afraid; Alexander’s erotic preferences are shocking to the uninitiated. The trouble is, wild as his life may seem, Amelia knows that he at least is living. Alexander may bring about her ruin, but he also holds the secret to her salvation, and Amelia prays she might be able to save him too.

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Join in the fun and party with Alexandra 
this Thursday May 29th


"My body is opening up and while my hips swerve on his desk, I am waiting, ready for penetration. But it’s not coming. My whole being is transgressing though his hand on my behind, one moment petting me and the next smacking me, and his raspy voice driving me mad.
“Oh, Amelia…the things I could do to you…”
He is restraining himself, I can feel it, and regarding him over my shoulder I want to scream ‘fuck me’ at him. Gyrating harder and harder over the desk I can sense my explosion coming and I know I am not thinking straight when I want him inside of me. Mounting the desk higher …I’m trembling.
“Please…..fuck me.” I don’t recognize my whining voice.
“Begging, Amelia?” His voice is dark, in control, but his panting is betraying him, he is as aroused as I am and enjoying me like this, feral and helpless.

Simone's Review

*ARC received in return for an honest review

I have had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra I on Facebook and Twitter and had an immediate connection with her, so I was interested in reading and reviewing her books. I started off reading her Flash Burn and Flash Burn II, short continuation of events which starts with a hot e-mail turning up in the wrong in box, bringing two very different people together and things get very hot and steamy. These are short novellas but panty-melting hot so if you're looking for a bit of afternoon delight these books are a definite read.

Now, on to my review of COLLAR OF FREEDOM

Amelia is our leading lady. She has been married for 10 years, has two young boys with her husband but her marriage has been more for convenience than love. Amelia has been going through the motions of her every day life unfulfilled, lonely and bored. Her husband's passion is for his art and Amelia is the accessory he brings out when he needs a plus one for his events, the rest of the time she is expected to just disappear into the background. Amelia seems to just accept that this is her life and this is what is expected of her.

This is, until she meets her new boss who seems to take a very unusual and intense interest in Amelia. From the first time Alexander walks into the door he just oozes Alpha male and over-dominating (just a tad). To be honest I love a hot alpha male but, with Alexander, I found him way off the scale, almost bordering on sexual harassment. So for me, I didn't warm to him too much at the beginning as he was very pushy. There didn't seem to be much emotion, he just seemed to want to get off rather than having an emotional connection to Amelia. But as the story went on I changed my feelings for Alexander and understood him more when he opened up about his background.

"Nice doesn't really describe him. He is ....". I don't really know how to portray him"...he is my peace. My other half...

Amelia and Alexander together, well that's a whole different story! The sex is hardcore and Alexander really does awaken the sexy side of Amelia, he wipes the cob webs away and shows her what her body needs and has been waiting for. Oh my, did Amelia really did come into her own in the sex department! To be honest I felt that she was more alpha than Alexander at times, doing a role reversal maybe would have suited her better as it was Alexander that backed away from their sexual play while Amelia wanted to continue most of the time. Also, at times, I felt their sexual connection was stronger than their emotional one. It seemed to be all about sexual experiences rather than getting to know each other on a more emotional level.

I was often left feeling that if they where planning on staying together where would her children fit in to this new life style, as a lot of the time they seemed to be handed over to the housekeeper when Amelia wanted time with Alexander or needed time to sort things out.

I'm not sure I would call this a love story as I didn't feel too much of an emotional connection between the main characters but more of a sexual awakening, making a stand for what you believe in and wanting to make a better future for yourself knowing that you deserve better and having a man in your life that loves you and respects you, and treats you as an equal.

I really enjoyed this story and if you are looking for a hot, sexy, kinky read with a good plot and story line, definitely put COLLAR OF FREEDOM on your Goodreads list. I will definitely be waiting for more from Alexandra I

Simone gives this a rating of...

Other books by Alexandra on Amazon

FLASH BURN III - Coming out on 29th May 2013

About the Author

Alexandra, a singing and dancing force not to be reckoned with, especially when she holds a microphone, is someone who imagined her life will be just like in the film ‘Grease’. So she found her 'Danny’, married him and right at this moment she is annoyed his car doesn't fly. 
When she isn't glued to her trusty laptop creating magic, Alexandra prowls the pits of twitter … find her there if you dare.

Release Blitz: Whispering Wishes by Jennifer Miller + teaser + giveaway

Be careful what you wish for...

Normally, Aspen Edwards will do anything for her free-spirited best friend, Mischa, but this feels like a bit much. The plan is simple, all Aspen has to do is write down a few affirmations and recite them during the New Moon. But as skeptical as Aspen is, a promise is a promise. So, she whispers each wish to the universe, pondering the possibilities of "what if." Who wouldn't want a promotion at work, a new home, or to become an irresistible sex goddess?

But Aspen’s luck doesn't change with the wishes, or the wind. Each of her whispered prayers produces disaster. She gets fired. Her car breaks down. She gets kicked out of her house. And of course there is the crap icing on the cake of doom, falling for flirtatious and sexy, Wes, who sees her as nothing more than his “little sis”. It might not be so bad if his house weren't the only place she had to go.

Unbeknownst to her, the universe has a few tricks up its sleeve, and Aspen's bad luck streak might just be putting her right where she needs to be!



Oh hell, this is so not cool, this is going to be torture. All I want to do is touch him. I take my glass off the table so I have something to do with my hands. What I want to do is trace his mohawk or the planes of his face with my fingers. All this does is make me even more aware of him. I mean he’s lying right here on me for God sakes. I feel aches in my body that aren’t at all appropriate between friends.



Author Jennifer Miller was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but now calls Arizona home. Jennifer’s love of reading began when she was a small child, and only continued to grow as she entered adulthood. Ever since winning a writing contest at the young age of nine, when she wrote a book about a girl with a pet unicorn, she’s dreamed of writing a book of her own.

Quickly learning that dreams don’t just fall into your lap, she knew she had to chase them herself and not be afraid to dream a little bigger. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother, and is very lucky to have a family that loves and supports her in all things. She also has an unhealthy addiction to handbags and chocolate covered strawberries, neither of which she cares to change.

Blog Tour: Orion The Hunter~The Complete Anthology by J.D. Chase + excerpts + giveaway

Title: Orion the Hunter
Author: J D Chase
Genre: Erotic Romance

Gorgeous Interior Designer, Issy Prince, loves her life in Manhattan with her best friend, Angel. She loves to watch Angel's boyfriend's band and is used to getting the attention of any man she wants. She has no plans to settle down - ever - but has regular hot one night stands. Life is good. Former Dominant, Lucas Hunter, has made millions in the construction sector. The handsome, anti-social, alpha male has been celibate for several years, preferring instead to hit the gym and maintain his awesome physique. When he meets Issy, sparks fly. What happens when two strong minded individuals find that they can't get each other out of their minds? Neither wants to get involved in a relationship but neither can walk away. Dare they embark on a passionate journey into the unknown?  

Things come to a head when Issy and the mysterious Lucas Hunter give in to their desires for one wild night. But one is unwilling to walk away and isn't going to give up easily which leads to an inviting proposal. Issy is intrigued by the prospect of a D/s relationship although Lucas is a reluctant Dom. 

Meanwhile, the rock band, Denial, find themselves with an unexpected temporary agent who recognizes their potential and who shows them that success is practically theirs for the taking. 

But are things as they seem? A malevolent stranger intervenes and turns Issy's world upside down. But he's no stranger to Lucas. Events unfold relating to Lucas' tormented past that could impact massively on his present. His need to hunt down and seek revenge could lead to Lucas losing all that he's worked for and all that he wants. Has he inadvertently brought about his own destruction? And what about the band? 

Can the relationship between Lucas and Issy survive the pressure or is the deep, blood-spilled revenge from the past too strong? That decision may just be taken out of their hands... 

***Caution: this book contains scenes of a sensual and sexual nature, including mild BDSM

I am a hopeless, incurable romantic. When I'm not reading it, I'm writing it. I have just written my first serialized novel and published each part with Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. When I am not writing, I am reading. I love lively, believable characters that you can identify with. I hate getting to the end of a good book and will regularly mourn a good book when when I've finished it. My own writing is contemporary adult/erotica. My fave romance quote comes from Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City "I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love." - Amen to that sister. My fave sex quote comes from Oscar Wilde "Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power." - Ain't that the truth!