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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sleeping Beauty.... In reverse!

Zack fights fires and saves lives, yet his own thirst for life has run dry, until he comes to the rescue of the sharp-tongued exotic dancer named Corrine Shannon who soon has the normally shy hero burning out of control.

But just as they are consumed by flames of passion, they find themselves under fire from two relentless enemies with fifty million reasons to succeed. Can they withstand the heat while trying to save their own lives, or will their new found romance be extinguished  as fast as it began?

The second book of The Firefighters Of Station Five Series and the main focus is on Zack Knight, the FAO of Station Five and somebody going through a heck of alot and the only family he has to rely on are his fellow firefighters, when he lets them in. On his travels to work he rear ends Corrine Shannon, after his collision with Corrine, Zack finally makes it to work to be called out to a MVA and Corrine is once again brought into his life and world, the journey for them is one you defiantly think is written in the stars. Zack owes Joaquin Delacruz the better part of three quarter of a million dollars due to his father gambling but all is not as it seems and as you read Under Fire it all starts to unravel. Corrine has inherited fifty million dollars but won't touch it due to the fact that it belongs to her dead husband Alex, she up'd and left him due to reasons you read about. Her brother brought her a house in Sugarland but this house connects Zack and Corrine way more than you can imagine. What entails is a story of love, trust, emotions, shock and above all a couple who make it through all the odds thrown at them and they have alot thrown their way.

Once again I was unable to put this book down and it held my attention, as I thought it would. The characters draw you in and make you want the best for them. Jo's writing has a way of doing this to you. Even though each book is focused on two main characters, you still get your fill of the rest of the Firefighters from Station Five I'm already dreading finishing the Series, I for one don't want The Firefighters Of Station Five to ever end.

"Don't sweat it, fireboy. You can't afford me."

"In truth, she hadn't been able to take her eyes off the way his rain-splattered shirt clung to the hard muscles of his chest. Had feasted on the sight of his wet pants plastered to his long legs and tight, perfect rear end."

"Don't they stop at red lights where you're from, Forrest Gump?"

"No. A man like Zack was a hero everyday of his life. She'd been too blind to notice."

"Okay, um..... I once read Stephen King's IT. Worst mistake I ever made. Didn't sleep for a month."

"And, boy, were those boxers pink. Electric pink - with bright yellow happy faces all over them. One smiley, larger than the rest, graced the front escape hatch, a strategically placed tongue sticking from between its lips."

Book One - Trial By Fire
Book Two - Under Fire
Book Three - Hidden Fire
Book Four - Line Of Fire
Book Five - Ride The Fire

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hi, welcome and thank you...

Just a few words from Hayley, Simone & myself to say welcome to our new baby and thank you for subscribing. It means a lot to have your support, we hope we can do it justice. Right, that's the serious part out the way, it's fun from here on in!! In tweets we were discussing applying #AppleSheetingRatings for some of our reviews, good idea? Okay, that's enough prattling for now, once again thank you all for your support xxx

Who wants to go hiking?

There's only one thing in life Lucien Knight really hates, and that's husbands that cheat on their wives.
There's only one problem in Sophie Black's life. Her cheating husband......
From the moment Lucien and Sophie meet, the seal is set.

CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien Knight is catch-your-breath gorgeous and damaged by his troubled past in Norway. All grown up and relocated to London, he built his empire of adult clubs from the ground up to become the gorgeous patron saint of the sex industry  No one knows the dark childhood secrets that have given Lucien a backbone of steel and a heart incased in ice. 

No one until Sophie Black, that is.....

Do I have your attention yet?

After hearing the hype about this book on twitter from friends, I decided to trust them and give it a go. I will never doubt their decisions again..... Packed from the get go with hotness and what we call Apple Sheeting moments, I was hooked. Currently I am looking for PA positions that come with the extra perks that Sophie had (if only) There is defiantly more to Lucien Knight and I am buzzed to find out more about him in book two. Afterwards, trust me on this, you'll be booking tickets to Norway and want to go hiking or relaxing in the jacuzzi with a glass of champagne under the pretty lit sky, if you can call it relaxing. You must give this book a go but be warned about reading it in public, sod it, Lucien Knight might quite like the thought. I'm off to enjoy my Panna Cotta......

"He's a fucking fool."
Sophie shrugged and looked out the window.
"Maybe. He's avoided having sex with me for more then six months now."
"I'll say it again. He's a fucking fool."
"Would it help if we fucked."

"You deserve better. You deserve to be adored, and you deserved to be fucked until you can't stand up."

"Sometime just after one and somewhere in between awake and asleep, Sophie moved beneath him again. Tangled limbs. Entwined fingers. Damp cheeks. Bruised hearts."

"Sex is natural." He trailed one finger down the valley between her breasts to her navel, making her stomach muscles jitter in response. "And fucking beautiful." His clear blue eyes held hers. "Now, forget everything else," he said, "And. Get. On. That. Bed."

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What is it about elevators?

This is certainly one attention grabbing book and hot from the get go. For a short story, it didn't disappoint and left me wanting me more, how I wish it could have been longer. We get to meet Makenna James, also known as M.J and Caden Grayson and we're treated to the awesome story of how their worlds collide when they meet in an elevator and they get plunged into darkness. Well after the plunging, it's a bloody hot read and you won't be disappointed. I for one have never wanted to be trapped in an elevator so much since reading Hearts in Darkness. Download it today, it's the right thing to do.

"His demanding tongue tasted so damn good, and his piercing bit deliciously against her lip from the aggressive way he pursued her over and over. His hands tugged and massaged at her hair and neck. He just surrounded her. The difference in their height made Caden lean down over her. The way he forced her head back commanded her to open to him. With the metal handle of the door pressing into her back, she felt completely enveloped in him, in his ardor, his scent. The world dropped away. There was just Caden."

"I love...that elevator," she said. With a sleepy smile and a full heart, he turned his head and kissed into her soft hair. "Aw, Red. I love that elevator, too."

"Caden let out his own moan when her lips pressed against the skin in front of his ear. She exhaled roughly. The rush of her breath over his skin brought goose bumps to his neck. He trailed soft kisses across her cheek until he found her lips. And then he couldn't go slow anymore. And neither could she."

The Hero Series....

Her Forbidden Hero (Book 1)

I stumbled across this book by accident and how thank am I that I did. We get to follow Alyssa Scott and Marco Vieri on their journey from their past, present and future. We also got a glimpse of Alyssa's brother, Brady (Soldiers, uniform.... need I say more) but putting that to one side this was an emotional read, especially when finding out what happened to Marco during his time at war and then what Alyssa and Brady had to contend with at the hands of their father. This book still had its many a hot moments especially between the two main characters, Alyssa and Marco but also moments when you really wanted to hit their heads together to make them see they were meant to be and that they both felt the same way about each other, they just had to say it. All in all it was an enjoyable, emotionally moving and touching story to be able to follow.

"After all he'd been in the United States Army Special Forces, fuck you very much. You might take the man out of the SF, you couldn't take the SF out of the man. He'd been up against some of the world's meanest and toughest. So goddamn straight he could work his way round one young woman."

One Night With A Hero (Book 2)

So.... at this point in time I'm making waffles with cream and knocking on my bedroom wall, in the hope my hero knocks back. Following on from Her Forbidden Hero, I knew I was in for something amazing with this story. We got to learn more about Brady Scott, the older brother of Alyssa and best friend of Marco. We got to find out more about his'daddy issues' with Joseph, which strangely left me with mixed feelings, as it changed my opinion from book one. Then my emotions and interests in this story went full pelt when he saw Joss Daniels, prepare for a full on, attention grabbing and heart warming story that had me in tears at the end but many a oh my god tears during, trust me. Meeting the Vieri family had an odd effect on me, I found myself thanking them through my Kindle for all that they had done. Right knocking isn't work, I wonder if there is a Santa around.....

"Thank god the Power Rangers showed up when they did, or he wouldn't have been responsible for his actions."

"Oh. It's an  E. E. Cummings quote: 'It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are'."

Everybody goes home....

As you can see Trial By Fire has a cover that certainly catches your attention and gives you an idea of what to expect. This story proves, you never judge a book by its cover. Another email sent to me by Amazon, alerting me to The FireFighters Of Station Five Series. A look at the book description and I was swayed and straight away downloaded the first book to my Kindle, I will say now that you may as well download all five books as I am now the owner of the other four in the series. A few parts of the book that caught my attention, "Uh, I'd like you to go down on me until I come so hard I shrivel like plastic wrap?" and "Six and a half feet of gorgeous male perfection filled the entire entrance. A black t-shirt stretched over his buff pecs and taut abs, but the denim jacket hid too darned much from view. Her appreciated gaze slid down mile-long legs encased in soft jeans that hugged hard thighs and cupped the bulge of his sex like a glove." Have I swayed you yet? Are you reaching for the download button?

A little about the story, Howard Paxton, a Lieutenant at Station Five but we can call him Six-Pack, adopted at the age of four after suffering a horrendous child hood, rescues Katherine Frances, we'll get to know her as Kat. We then follow them on the journey of their relationship, the ups and downs. A spate of murders begin and they are associated with Howard and when you find out how, you will also sit there with your mouth open wide and having to pick your jaw off of the floor, I did. We meet, somewhat briefly, the rest of the FireFighters of Station Five and you get to follow up more with them the further you go along in the series. I'm looking forward to Sean's story, which was touched upon briefly in Trial By Fire and I had to take a moment as this is one part of the story that gave me a lump in my throat and pulled at my heart strings.

The book, for me, was written as if you where following a real life FireFighter family, through their everyday moments, rescues, how they're affected by situations and how they deal with it. As written in the story itself, "Sometimes, no matter how strong you thought you were, the damage takes you out of the game."

This book is an amazing read and I am so pleased that I took the time to have a look and then made the choice to download Trail By Fire. Jo Davis is certainly an author that I will be watching out for and certainly without a doubt wouldn't hesitate to download any of her books again.

"A fearless teacher who has no problem running into a burning house with a garden hose, afraid of snakes. Go figure."

"Georgie's an optimist. I'm a realist, like Bentley. I take my blows as they come, deal with them, move on. I think all that 'Adversity makes you stronger' stuff is what people say to comfort themselves when the going gets rough. Friends and family can stand by you, lend support. But in the end, your inner core of strength pulls you through, period."

Sean stirred, moaned, lost in his private hell. "Nooo, don't go..... Daddy's sorry....."

"Rule number one in the Girl Code: hairless legs and pits at all times, ladies. You never know when you might land in the hospital. Or be swept into the strong arms of a six-foot-six hunk of smoldering, sexy man."

"A mountain of a gentle man who risked his life on a daily basis, could cook, was an excellent lover, and loved his family and kids. What more could a girl want?"

"It's easy to remain alone when you aim low. No strings, easy sex. Then when she leaves, your heart doesn't take a beating in the process. I have a huge learning curve with a long-term deal.... The idea scares me a little."

"Okay. Call if you so much as hear a flea fart."

Book One - Trial By Fire
Book Two - Under Fire
Book Three - Hidden Fire
Book Four - Line Of Fire
Book Five - Ride The Fire

Forever, Liam Page.......

Amazon sent me an email with a suggestion of books to read and Forever My Girl, The Beaumont Series was one. We meet Liam Westbury aka Liam Page, he left his life and one true love to follow what he thought would be his dream. Josephine Prestion aka JoJo was the lady and love of his life he left behind. Fast forward ten years and a life changing incident that happens to his best friend Mason, completely and utterly changes Liam's life. My heart broke for JoJo's best friend Katelyn but I'm hoping there's good things or should I say a good somebody coming her way.... You'll meet Noah Michael Preston but I'll let you find out more about him yourself,  I don't wanna ruin it for you. This book had me gripped from chapter one and once I started I had to finish. It had love, anger, hurt, tears, sighing and cheering and that was just from me reading Forever My Girl. Its a definite must read and I look forward to more from Heidi McLaughlin.

"I'm standing in front of you, Josie. You just have to turn around."

"I'm on a forever kinda date so no thanks."

"When the clock strikes twelve his lips claim mine, solid and confident, like he's been waiting for this moment forever. I know I have."

"I love you, JoJo. You're forever my girl."

"Take your time with Katelyn, man. Just be there and don't push her. They were together for a long time, but I know she notices you. I've heard her talking to Josie about you. Just seize the moment when it's there."

"We pop open our first beer and chug. On the count of three, we throw our bottles down. With the loud crash of glass shattering we all yell out "Mason!" The women start cheering and the music is turned up. We start the party in true Mason style."

"Move in with me? You and Noah move here and we'll be a family. I want you to call this your home. I want to do normal things with you like go grocery shopping and meet you for lunch at work."

"Arms of a stranger, a warm blooded kiss, trying to fill the void, of the one that I miss. Perfume whispers, lashes and lace, but I can only hear your voice. I'm so out of place. All these painkillers, that's all they are. Painkillers."

Check out Heidi's store for lots of fab Beaumont Series merchandise!

Laugh till your head hurts...

I read this book in about 8 hours, the only time I put it down was to try and compose myself. I've never laughed so much at a book. Confessions Of An Alli Cat is hilariously side-splitting and seriously hot too! I laughed so much my head hurt and I couldn't see for the tears rolling down my face! Courtney Cole has a fabulously witty way with words, one minute you're laughing til you cry, the next you're fanning yourself at the sexy hotness. If I had a best friend like Sara my life would never be dull with some of the stunts she pulls. Sara thinks her best friend, Alli, should get back on the dating scene after her divorce and sets her up with a male escort, (I want a lifelong membership to Utopia!) sends her off for a Brazilian wax-I was laughing out loud at this scene and laughed so hard I'm sure I pee'd myself a little! (TMI I know) gets drunk and naked with her in a hot tub-another funny scene, all of which are hilarious and some are steamy-and don't all happen in one night. What a friend...the Botox aftermath is another laugh out loud scene, I could go on but I don't want to spoil it for you.
Confessions Of An Alli Cat is a MUST read...go on check it out you won't be disappointed.

A game changer of a book.....

I honestly, hand on heart, don't know what words to use to describe the effect this unique love story has had on me..... I will try but don't think I can do it justice. We meet Hardy Bradford whose father, Wayne, is living a life and career that he should have had via Hardy but also has a violent streak that people have never witnessed. Miracle St James, a young girl who has lived a life that many shouldn't, a father that couldn't cope and left and is waiting for the people that come into her life to walk out of it but no matter what she still saw the best in them. A brief fleeting meeting in a park where their eyes meet and their worlds collide. I loved watching the way Miracle made Hardy see everything differently and, how she saw him was truly something memorable and definitetly a game changer for Hardy. It was extremely special being able to follow them both and find out everything about them, Hardy with the situation with his father, the need to protect his mother and brother from him. Miracle, everything she has been through and still has to go through. The way the story was written was attention grabbing, magical and full of love and I will be eternally grateful to M Leighton for writing Fragile and allowing me to go on the journey with them. Hardy's gift to Miracle at the end was selfless, heart warming and a defining moment that showed they were destined for each other in every way. This book is inspiring and instills in me that life can be short and we have to treat everyday as if it could be our last and live life to the full. From now on I will look at Orchids, Red and Pink Balloons in such a different way. This unique story is beautiful beyond words, simply amazing and it will hold a special place in my heart forever.

"I don't want you to be afraid of dying. All those people have survived cancer. You just watched hundreds of reasons you have hope drift off into the sky."

"Someday I'll marry you, Miracle. And maybe someday after that, I'll deserve you."

"Come on. We gotta let this baby go and get some pictures."

"I don't want to die." she repeated, her voice trembling. "I want to live. I want to live life with all its emotions, all its experiences. I don't want to miss anything. But I feel like I will. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time."

"I know we've just met and I know this is gonna sound crazy, but if I could fix it, I would. I'd do anything to never have to see you sad or worried again."

"That's the day I decided to live every minute of every day like it might be my last."

"But that wasn't enough for him anymore. He wanted more. He wanted substance and depth and love. He wanted Miracle. It was as simple as that."

"Hardy recognized what it was that she made him feel. Hope. Miracle gave him hope."

Most suits made the man. Gideon did things to a three-piece suit that should've been illegal!

Now I have my emotions in check and have picked my jaw up off the floor, Reflected In You did not disappoint! It left off exactly where Bared To You had finished, which I enjoy as I don't feel we miss anything. Don't know about you but I want as much Gideon and Eva as I can get. We got to follow their relationship through the struggles and hard patches but also the fun a loving times they shared. I have cried, sighed, screamed and so much more at my Kindle when reading this book and trust me when I say it has all been worth it. There were many jaw dropping, sat staring at your Kindle moments and for that I am grateful, I love being kept on my toes with a book and expecting the unexpected. We got to learn more of what happened to Gideon and Eva in their past and it makes my heart break but at the same time it makes you understand them so much more and makes you fall further in love with the book and them but by this point you're already there. I came away with so many favourite moments from Reflected In You and even now when I think of them I can still feel the exact emotion I had at the time. We got a few visitors from Eva's past, I don't want to ruin anything for you but prepare yourself for one person in particular and the jaw dropping, hand over mouth moment. We also get to meet both Gideon's and Eva's family a little more, which left me with a few questions which I cannot wait to discover, especially about Gideon's. Gideon and Eva deserve their happy ending. I am going to spread the word about this series as it should be read, enjoyed and loved by all.

"The only way I'm keeping my hands off her is if I'm dead. Find another way to fix us."

"I'd rather argue with you, Angel, then laugh with anyone else."

"People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But this won't happen for me. I won't survive you, Eva."

"I'll kill for you, give up everything I own for you..... But I won't give you up."

"I didn't know I was looking for anything until I saw you."

"I'm obsessed with you, Angel. Addicted to you. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, everything I've dreamed off. You're everything. I live and breathe you. For you."

"I love you. Still not the right word, but I know you want to hear it."

"I kicked off my shoes and pulled his hand away from the wheel so I could straddle his lap and hold him. His grip on me was excruciatingly tight, but I didn't complain. We were on a insanely busy street, with endless cars rumbling past on one side and a crush of pedestrians on the other, but neither of us cared. He was shaking violently, as if he was sobbing uncontrollably, but he made no sound and shed no tears. The sky cried for him, the rain coming down hard and angry, steaming off the ground."

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Testing, testing...

Hellooooo, we've done it! We've finally got ourselves a blog where we can talk about all those damn fine books we've read (and boy, we've certainly read a few)) and maybe do the odd giveaway/competition. Stay tuned for our first rec/review, we look forward to your comments and feedback. Eeeeeeeeek!! :-)